Troubleshooting for "No Signal"

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I just bought a brand new Ematic digital converter box, rabbit ears and a new TV from Walmart 3 days ago. I get approximately 8-10 channels if I'm lucky. On the other channels I get the message "No Signal". Why is this happening? I've had 3 people to connect it and when I get channels they are very clear. We also tried to move rabbit ears antenna around to no avail. Is there a telephone number I can call to speak with a customer service rep regarding this issue? We've read the user manual 3 times and checked to be sure it was connected correctly. We live in a apartment one story. Please help me ASAP since I'm on bed rest. Thank you. S.
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You shouldn't need a Converter Box if you got a new TV.
Not saying that Rabbit Ears are the best for reception,
but try hooking them up directly to your TV's Antenna Input
and see how many channels you get like that.

You do know to go into Setup for your TV and set the input
to "Antenna" or "Air", but not Cable or another selection.
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