Troubleshooting help needed - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Troubleshooting help needed", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I am trying to troubleshoot my Internet connectiveity. Where do I get information to post here to help people point me (and my techs) in the right direction?

I have had 4 tech and 4 line maintenance crew visits.

All of the wiring has been replaced in my house and out to the pole.

Signal levels have been adjusted.

The pole is showing fluctuating levels.

My electrical wiring checks out as a tech and my dad who knows wiring have both checked to ensure it is up to code and behaving.

I am having drop outs of 2-5 minutes long on many, but not all, days.

At night, I am loosing connection for 45-120 minutes at a time.

Other people are getting the same thing on my street with no resolution.

On TV, I get pauses in my streaming shows.

On the web, I loose access to websites.

Sometimes I can't log into my wifi, it doesn't recognize my password (wifi is also through Spectrum)

Oddly, it seems when this goes on that my teleconferencing software doesn't cut out? That was just discovered and abffles me as all devices have issues when the drops happen.

I just dug out an ancient computer that still has ethernet to see if that is impacted by the drops as well. I have no answers today though as it was just set up.

I work from home and I need this to work. Reviews from the other available ISP are horrible so I am nervous to go to a new company just to continue to have issues.

What can I pull to get some peer help in identifying my issues?

Troubleshooting help needed?