troubleshooting why no cable on 2 boxes (or internet)



our cable service has been out for days. when im ready to call, it pops back on for an hour. anyway, any previous techs that have been here havent fixed the problem. so ive done some searching, and have actually gotten some info from comcast chat. what ive done first, is move the modem/router to a different outlet, and changed the ethernet cord. that did nothing. then i thought about the drop amplifier. so i disconnected the cables from the amp, put a 2 way splitter on the cable coming into the house, and hooked up both tv cables to the splitter to get more of a direct connection. i was thinking the drop amp might be bad. that hasnt worked either. one tv is getting rdk-03030, and the other is getting rdk-10000. i have cycled both boxes multiple times, no change. so does any of this lead to something, like a bad amp, or the connections on the outside of the house? thanx for any and all help!

"troubleshooting why no cable on 2 boxes (or internet)," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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