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Changed wifi password online as a personal choice. What ensued is I could not get wifi as I had no IP address. Wifi was on, but couldn't connect. If a CC technician entered a pw for me, works fine. But I would later try to create a new pw in the "myxfi." Again, I lost my wifi access due to no IP address. I checked tv, pressed little button A and chose the option for wifi troubleshooting. The message there states: "give us a few minutes, we are having trouble opening this app. APPS: 04154. This seems to be related to Netflix? Hulu? I don't have that stuff. I usually press the wifi button to see my pw. I wonder if my needing an employee to successfully change my pw is related to this error code. I have spoken to others in the area, I am the only one with the problem. I have done a soft boot of the box. Restartedd the Gateway. Restarted and Reset the modem. Any suggestions?

This question, "Troubleshooting wifi," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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