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I am trying to connect my converter box to an older tv. The tv doesn't have the audio and video connections on it. What to do? Please use non-techie language. Thank you.

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You do not need to use Composite Cable Connections: does your TV set have a threaded coaxial cable/antenna fitting? If so, the coaxial cable from your antenna connects to a similar fitting to the input of the Converter box, a length of coaxial cable connects to the output of the Converter box and that is the (same) cable that connects to the fitting on your TV set.

Your TV AND Converter box must BOTH be set on the same channel (3 or 4). When the box and TV are set to the same channel, do not attempt to change channels with the TV remote, only use the Converter box remote. Using your Converter box remote control, you need to tell your Converter box to "scan for digital channels". I hope this helps.



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If your TV is really old and just has the two screw terminals on it (300 Ohm input) then you need a balun or impedence transformer. That is a thing that has twin lead on one end and a coax connector on the other end. They are available in the electronics section of Walmart, at Radio Shack, and at Lowes (Home Depot doesn't have them). You would hook the twin lead side to the screw terminals on your TV and the other end to the coax that came with your converter box. Then follow Jim's instructions above.