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I have cable but am thinking of cancelling it because of the cost. I currently have a coaxial wire connected to the coaxial jack in the wall and to the settop box and the settop box is connected to the television. When I eliminate the settop box and connect the television directly to the coaxial port in the wall I get limited channels such as NBC, CBS, FOX, etc. After the DTv switch in February occurs, will I still be able to get these channels if I connect my television directly to the coaxial port in the wall?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hi Beans,
If you get rid of the set top box, and cancel cable service all together, you'll need to use a converter box (if your TV is analog), and an antenna.

If you get rid of your set top box and downgrade your service to basic cable service (packages run anywhere from $15-$50/month), you'll still be able to plug your TV directly into the wall with coax, and receive limited programming. With basic cable service, you should be fine for the DTV transition in February because most cable providers are still going to provide analog signals to households for ateast 3 years after the transition. Confirm with you cable provider. ;)

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