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Hi, I am another now/old TV antenna newbe. I did antenna TV years ago but when they went digital I went to cable. I want back! There is so much info out there I have done a far amount of reading. I am getting confused and need help. I want an antenna that can reach as many channels as possible. The biggest bang for the buck I guess. I would like to stay under a $100 - $150 for the whole set up if possible. I went to Tvfool and here is what I got TV Fool . So what would be a good antenna for me? I know I will need a long range antenna. The price ranges are all over the place. I would rather spend the extra cash to get a better product and be done with it. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Greg


My last antenna, before all went digital, was a 100 mile directional like the one you mentioned. It did very well. I had it on a motor so I could rotate it between all the channels in that range. I do agree with that signal graph deal. There is nothing here local where I live. I actually use my old 100 mile antenna up at my cabin inn the mountains. It does pretty good still. It gets like 8 channels in the summer and 12 in the winter. That is pretty good for where that place is located.

Out of all the ones you listed how would you rate them in order of best to least best?

Thanks for replying.


Thanks for replying. I used to use a big antenna here at home like those. It is at my cabin now. Does pretty good up there and did very well at home. It was before they all went digital.

So which one of them antenna makes are better? Also what is the better amp to use?

Thanks, Greg
While I really have not personally worked with any recently manufactured antennas traditionally Winegard antennas were of better build quality, but now I really don't know. The large antennas you used in the past were probably larger in width then what is currently needed at your location as they included larger low band VHF elements that are no longer needed in many locations.
At your location an amplifier could probably help. I would try it first with out one. Currently the RCA TVPRAMP1R is getting very good reviews, and the price is right.
While I like the idea of using separate antennas for UHF and High VHF, and Denny has put together a nice package in a dual antenna system there are better choices of antennas currently available for those who wish to pursue the stacked two antenna route. If the OP expresses interest in pursuing the use of two antennas we can certainly offer advice. I personally prefer using separate antennas.