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Hi all, great forum! I'm looking to cutting my cable cord and going with local hd channels and a few internet streaming services. I've read a few pages on this and other forums and I think I'm at the point of actually making my TV Antennae purchase. OK there are so many to choose from but according to TVFool, here's what's available in my area. I'm looking to installing an outdoor antennae on the roof of my house.

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I agree with MrPogi on his antenna suggestion based upon the posted TV fool report. Finding a HBU 55 could be a problem as Antennacraft is not currently building antennas. The only other choice currently available for a location with a mix of 2edge high VHF, and UHF signals with NM below 20 would be the Winegard HD7698P, or possibly HD7697P.
If the posted TV Fool matches an exact location report at 25 feet there are not a lot of choices in antennas available that might work at that location. You can use the TV Fool interactive map to generate a report for exact location.
TV Fool
In some areas a few hundred feet can make a big difference in the availability of television signals.


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OK I re-did the TVFool mapping to the exact location in hopes to get a more detailed report of which antennae would best work for my location. If you don't mind reviewing it please? Here's the link. I'm also in a two story house if that helps any.
It still looks like the TV fool did not have an antenna height entered. I did spend some time looking at the map it appears you are in a very hilly area. I tried a zip code based TV Fool for your area that gets totally different results that is why we request an exact location report. Based upon the TV fool reports you have posted my antenna recommendations remain the same. You are in a fringe reception location. I took time to play with the map in the area around your zip code. The LA stations are stronger in most locations in that zip code where ever your at that is not the case. I really don't see too many choices available as far as antennas that might work based upon the posted TV Fool report. Nearby trees or building could make a difficult reception area impossible. Experimenting with placement and aiming of the antenna may be necessary. While I have been accused of hating amplifiers you are in a location where a preamp could help. RCA TVPRAMP1R Preamplifier for Outdoor Antenna Performance Enhancement & Extension (use with ANT3038XR & ANT3036XR), Black: Electronics

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OP can still find new antennacraft antennas on Amazon and eBay. And yes, an amp in this location would probably help.
I still would like to see a revised TV fool at about 20 feet, but I feel that a good number of channels can be had following the recommendations I gave above.
To the best of my knowledge the only company offering a full line of antennas for all signal situations is gone.
Antennacraft story? - TV Fool
Perhaps it is a situation where there is not currently enough market for antennas that are needed to do the job in many locations. Now we are left with no antennas that are correct for some locations. The only high VHF antennas left available in this country are the very overpriced Antennas Direct C5, and The Fracarro BLV6F and 6E512F from AbilityHDTV. While the Italian antennas will work fine in this country they are designed for Europe and peak gain is above the US high VHF band. While it is easy to find a UHF antenna with 10 dBi gain there are very few high gain VHF antennas available in this country yet most areas have one or more high VHF channels in use.


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So, my new reception adventure may be even more adventurous? On the other hand the market for low cost VHF only antennas is completely open. Anyone want to invest in my new antenna company? ;)


I just ordered a 6E512F through Amazon (for WJRT 12), so I wouldn't have to pay AbilityHD's $100.00 minimum from their own web page. It's a little bit more expensive through Amazon on a one-to-one basis compared to Ability's website, though you aren't forced to order a bunch of other stuff you may not need to just to get the $100 minimum they require.

I am located up in Sanford, Michigan area, and am in a slight hollow behind thick tree's. An AntennaCraft Y10-7-13 works well here for channel 12, but you can't find them as the company died in the RadioShack Bankruptcy.