TV App download failure - XFinity

Trying to download a recorded dvr show and get "Metadata Failed :: 7005" - failed to acquire license metadata from the manifest. Please try again.". Of course, it never works when I try again on any one of my 4 android devices. This seems to be happening only on episodes that were recorded several months ago. I can download the latest episodes, but not the older ones. In fact, one episode I'm having trouble with right now is "Code Black S2 | Ep9" from Nov 30. I had previously downloaded this episode, watched 1/2 of it, then returned it. It still plays fine on my home X1 dvr. But if I try to "Watch" it on my android device while on my home network, I get Server Error::8001 - We're sorry, but we're not able to access this video stream. Please try another channel or program". Of course, this is probably the underlying reason why I also can't download. Is there a time limit to how long after a show is recorded that you can download/watch?

This question, "TV App download failure," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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