TV App freezes some downloaded DVR programing - XFinity

Using an iPad Pro, with OS 10.2 and the Xfinity TV App.

I am recording programs from X1 DVR at home. I download the program to my iPad Pro at home on my Xfinity wifi network using the TV app. The download is successful.

When I use the App, I turn the wifi OFF. I select the downloaded program and push WATCH. But as it plays, some programs (but not all) will freeze up during playback. Rarely at the start - most of the time 10-15 minutes into a 60 minute show.

Sometimes, I am able to push the 15 sec forward button and the downloaded program will start playing again (but 15 seconds forward). Other times, the program will reset itself back to time 0:00:00 and ask me to start playing it again. If I use the manual time slider, I can push the timeline past the "freeze point" and the TV App will play from that point. (or at least until it hits another freeze point)

Interestingly, I returned one program that seemed to freeze every couple minutes to X1 cloud and watched it at home - without a single freeze up!! Re-downloaded the program to the iPad/TV app - and it still froze up every couple minutes.

This happens more frequently with sports programs than regular shows.

Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions?

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