TV App guide freezes on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Tab A - XFinity

Starting this morning my tv app will freeze on both my Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Tab A. I've done the whole reboot everything and reinstall song and dance. This has been working fine on both devices for months. When you go to scroll the guide freezes and you have to force shut the app. I have noticed that if i do the search find a network and tune to it I can watch live tv. I can also change channels while watching a prgram, the issue seems to be something with the guide itself. Thanks for any assistance.

This question, "TV App guide freezes on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Tab A," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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I had the same issue, I think, starting last night my Galaxy S5. I would scroll maybe a dozen channels under the HD filter and it would just freeze up. I shut the app down and then I clicked off the HD filter and it scrolled maybe 50 channels and froze. I shut it down again...did like you...reinstall...reboot...still freezing. I could watch movies and if I brought up the guide, I could watch channels that came up before I start scrolling. But the moment I started would just freeze after 12 or so channels of scrolling through. Very aggravating.