TV Audio Won't Work with HD DVR - DirecTV

I recently had an HD DVR added to one of the rooms in my house. This DVR took the place of one of my Genie Minis and it works with my Genie Whole Home system. When I turn my TV and DirecTV DVR on each day I don't have audio. I can see the picture, but I can't hear anything. I have checked all the settings on my TV and the DVR, and the settings are correct. I have also reset the DVR and made sure the software updates were current on my TV, but it didn't seem to make a difference. I have to turn everything off and back on several times before the audio will work. I've had to turn on, turn off, and turn on again a minimum of three times just to get sound. Sometimes it takes me fifteen tries before I can hear anything. I've tried the following: turning the DVR on first (wait a couple of minutes) and then turn the TV on; turning the TV on first and after a little while turn on the DVR; and turning the TV and DVR on simultaneously. I've also tried using a different remote control, but nothing changes. One out of fifty tries the audio will work on the first try. This problem exists multiple times a day when turning on my TV. Once I have audio on it stays on if I don't turn the DVR and TV off. If I turn it off and come back later to watch more TV, I must work to get the audio to come back on. I only have trouble with the TV audio when accessing DirecTV and not any of my other programming (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.). Does anyone have any suggestions?

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