TV Broadast Towers

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Since we were in the area today, I snapped a couple pictures with my bberry and thought i'd share with the board. ;)

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Mountain: South Mountain, TV Tower Peak (aka Mount Suppoa)
More Info: Highest point in the mountains at 2690 ft (820 m).

Most Phoenix Metro area residents who receive television signals over-the-air, do so from from the following antenna array.....

Known Stations on the mountain: KNXV, KDRX-LP, KTVK, KASW, KSAZ-TV, KPAZ-TV, KPHO-TV​

These pictures were taken from the backside of the mountain (Awhutukee, AZ) where elevation levels are much higher than the opposide side (Phoenix Metro).​
The following video (Not Mine) shows a closeup of just how many broadcast towers are on So Mountain. Tons!