TV broadcast tower locations in New York

How do I find where TV towers are in the New York area?

I travel between 4-5 different locations throughout New York City and other parts of New York, so I'm constantly retuning my little handheld TV with portable antenna. Trying to figure out if a better antenna will help.
Of course a better antenna will help. By entering your location at TV fool you can generate a signal report showing the direction of the stations and the predicted signal levels.
You can use the map feature on the TV fool site to move around to your location.
You can use satellite view, zoom in or out, click on show lines pointing to each transmitter, and move you location around the map to where ever you want. Zoom out far enough to see where the transmitter sites are.


A look at shows 4-5 transmitters on Long Island and Most of the majors are on the Empire State Building. Your problem with ATSC broadcasts is more likely that they are bounced all around off buildings everywhere and ATSC really does not handle that very well. Once your tuner is locked on a channel it should hold it, except that moving around changes the signal reflections and you get microseconds of variance in the times the signal hits your antenna, messes with ATSC tuners big time.

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