tv converter box not working anymore

My converter boxes are no longer turning on anymore. The signal maintains red.
Can I have them exchanged for another one?
Or do I have to buy another one. Please let me know
right away. Thank you.


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Mot likely, the warranty has run out. Most of the boxes were poorly made... You'll need to buy another if it's really dead.

Try unplugging the box for an hour or so, plug it back in and see if it resets. Let us know what happens.
I have found the Channel Master steel cased decoders solidly built in Europe the most reliable, they also have universal remote code for easy use with other remotes. it also had an S-video output as well as RCA AV out. The next best decoder box was the Tivax in my opinion....the rest were Walmart quality Chinese made with a life expectancy of a less than a year.


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maybe can you upgrade the firmware, if that works can you save some bucks, some converter boxes have the advantage of be upgreable, but mostly of those boxes have a short lifespan because the MPEG decoders by the heat generation of the circuit and decoders , that ends by fry the processors inside the boxes, i remember one time have read in yahoo about an recall of set top boxes for ATSC because was getting broken quickly.
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