TV deals now cheaper than Black Friday

Yup, if you're one like me who is always searching around Amazon, Walmart, Sears, etc, the prices are dropping. I would even say if you think you have an awesome deal today, don't let the gimmick of (only 4 of this model left, etc) force you into a decision on purchase straight away!
One place that is also worth checking out for HDTVs of all places is Dell as well!


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Stores like WalMart now have discontinued models on clearance, as well as some New-In-Box returns from Christmas. I just saw a 70" at Walmart for under $1000. BJ's Club, Sam's Club, and Costco have great deals this time of year!
Wow! A 70" model under a grand at Wally World? Do you remember what type of TV it was, etc? I try to avoid going there on Fridays since it seems like my entire town decides that is the best day to flock there to spend money before the weekend!
I remember when we moved back from working overseas a few years ago, and since we had missed a few generations of TV, we just went with the "older" LED models at the time which were still significantly better than the old LCD we had been using for our main TV (I almost never through TVs out...we use a really old model I bought in 1994 still for watching VHS/DVDs for the youngest kid sometimes). The thing is about 3 x heavier than our 50"!

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