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While this topic could fall under internet / website I feel it should be here. I am a basic standard subscriber no X1 (I do not need or want it in my life my monthly bill is expensive enough and from what I have seen is not worth the cost) While on my computer conducting my daily work, I want to check the program listing on the Comcast website up until two months ago I would go to and under tv listing find all the local and cable channels in my area in a four hour grid that would have the channel name, and actual program that was on and maybe the rating ( G, PG, MA).

Currently when I go to and look for it the closest is Live TV but that list a general listing nation wide and links to streaming online something I do not want the simple thing of checking what is on while on my computer to later view on my television is what I am looking for.

I know it is just as easy to go to my tv and check the Xfinity TV Listings ( formally TV Guide menu using my standard DTA box) but if at work how can I do this? No one at the overseas call or chat centers seems to understand and it is obvious they are not here in the US using Comcast but rather reading from scripts.

Can an expert point me to the website which is no where to be found that list my local and cable listings for programs for 4 plus hours.

Thank You.

This question, "TV listing for all channels," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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