tv listings guide - XFinity

tv listings guide, XFinity-Comcast internet. The new Xfinity TV guide being promoted is worse than the old version.
1. More difficult to set time/date and to move forward to see programming for the week for a specific channel.
2. Doesn't work on current versions of Safari and Firefox if the OS is just a couple of years old. Keeps recycling signin page or leaves a blank page.
3. Old site clearly displayed "New" programming. New site you have to click on each listing to see if it's new or a repeat.
4. White font/text on black background (they're copying the TV listings layout) may work on a large LCD TV but is difficult to read on a computer.
5. Cannot save "favorite" channels to your account when you clear cookies (which you should do often). Should be an account save and not a cookie save.