TV to blame for fat kids?

What kind of role has television played in the fattening of American kids? When I was younger, there were just a handful of channels to watch and that got boring so I went out to play. What are your thoughts?


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Blaming TV misses the mark. Its the dangerous society that we created with Leftist coddling of criminals and degradation of societal standards that is more to blame.

Its not safe for kids to rome the neighborhood outside anymore. Its much safer for them to stay home and watch TV....which is filled with degraded standards television full of immorality, violence, promiscuous sex, etc.

Sad really.

But those damn Christians and their morality were a scourge to humanity.


But those damn Christians and their morality were a scourge to humanity.

If someone is to blame, it is the parents because instead of using the tv as a babysitter, they should spend time with them. And quit filling the cupboards with junk. Some kids don't even know that food comes out of the ground anymore.


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At one time, we had a system where mom could stay home and monitor the kids, and didnt need a babysitter.

Those were the days.

Something happened to the nuclear family and the stay at home mom.

I wonder what that could be...let me put my thinking cap on.

I getting swirling psychadelic colors.


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Blaming TV misses the mark. Its the dangerous society that we created with Leftist coddling of criminals and degradation of societal standards that is more to blame.
The Rightest helped break up the labor unions lowering the wage so mom is at work.

Left or Right? Should I bite? lol I did. What is not the lefts fault anyway?

The conversation has turned to pyrotechnic use of key words, leaving intelligent intellectual conversations a good funeral.


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Whoa! I sense this topic can get very deep very fast. I have to admit that my initial reaction was 'there's more to the question than what is on the surface'. I agree in a sense with various parts, but not the whole, of people's responses.

I point to the degradation of the family. More specifically, when Mom went to work and had to "find herself'. It was the worst thing to happen to this country ever. Now I'm all for equal pay and equal opportunity, etc, but Mom and Dad both working killed the family. And I can point to when -- the mid-60's, the end of Camelot. Everything changed then.


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As women joined the workforce, wages stagnated as the labor supply increased. Thus women who didnt necessarily want to work eventually had to join the workforce in order to maintain living wages stagnated for men via supply and demand of labor.

At the same time marriage was attacked and divorce became much easier. The "sexual revolution" cheapened the whole sexual bonding and marriage.

Great Society - War on Poverty welfare programs promoted Fatherless families and single motherhood. Which became mainstreamed and now is not even stigmatized but glorified.

The assault on Western Civilization by the Neo Marxist 60s New Left has been very successful and continues its push for the total destruction of Western Civilization.

What a shame.


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The shame is that the country is so polarized, that most people think the other guy or the other side is all to blame. The Neo-Conservatives destroyed working man's America over that same period of time. The left can't see their mistakes, and the right can't see their mistakes.

Both sides throw bombs and pyrotechnic phrases at each other, to the point of nearly inciting the next Civil War in the US.

As William Buckley said paraphrased there has always been a radical loud element to the conservative movement, but they have never helped it's cause.

It would be great if he was still around to hear him interview a tea bagger.

It is much the same thing the conservatives went through during the last golden age of conservatives with the John Burch Society. While that group shared many principles and ideals with the intellectual conservatives of the 1950-1960s, then also did the movement a lot of harm. I know personally they did me. I didn't even listen to Buckley and Goldwater, ie the generation of real conservatives speak until the 1980s. I had to get past what I called the nuts on the right, and well the Tea Baggers are blemishing the conservative movement again.

I was also fooled into believing Reagan though around during the height of intellectual conservatism was really in the camp with Buckley and Goldwater. I didn't realize yet (nor did a lot of people) the party had been hijacked by the Neo-Cons, at first posing as traditional conservatives.

I find myself to the right side of center, but both sides are now so far out of line, they in no way represent the American people.

So while I said I would stop politics, well then ban me. But I refuse to remain quite while some in this forum throw their little tea bag bombs into conversation.

As they say, lets take it outside, but in this case lets drop the words Leftist, Right wing, nazi, fascist unless you can describe how by standard definitions of the words how this name calling applies to a conversation.
Whoa!!! Timeout everyone. LOL All I did was ask a question and we ended up with a deep, philosophical dialogue. I think there's enough blame to go around. Can't we all just get along? :) And I agree that both parties have gone to such extremes that those of us who are moderates are no longer represented by either party.


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Yeah, Tonygun, I really think this is out of hand. When it gets ugly, it ceases being fun. The problem is that your question seemed simple, but wasn't. <G>