TV: Where Alcoholism Drinks in the Laughs


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"Comedy wasn’t always so buzzed. The characters on “Friends” met at a coffee shop; on “Seinfeld” it was in a diner. Even on “Cheers,” a sitcom which began in 1982 and was set in a Boston bar, few of the characters did much drinking. The bar owner, Sam (Ted Danson), was a recovering alcoholic; with the exception of Norm, Sam’s friends showed up for the company, not the beer. "

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:cheers: That article made me think of the dark comedy series M.A.S.H. How many episodes in that series did not have at least one view of Hawkeye's still in his tent? Certainly not many, if any. Perhaps one or two episodes when on leave in Japan ... with their glasses full of rice wine.



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Drinking was ritualistic on MASH. They actually did a show on it once, with Hawkeye rebelling against the notion of being alcoholic.

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