TV with digital tuner won't work without converter box.



I have cable service with Comcast/Indiana. I have small converter boxes, Comcast calls them "Digital Transport Adapter" for each of my 9 TV's. Comcast charges me 2.00 a piece/month for them. I have a TV that says on the box it came in, that it has a ATSC/QAM digital tuner. I tried it without the "Digital Transport Adapter" and it wouldn't work. Do you have any idea what the problem is.?




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A "Digital Transport Adaptor" (DTA) is different than a digital converter box for OTA (broadcast) TV. You see, a while back cable companies won FCC approval to encrypt EVERY channel. Comcast jumped right on it, they want to encrypt all your channels so you pay that $2.00 fee for every TV. So now you need a DTA to decode the signal for every TV in your home. Also, your DTA boxes are SD only - Comcast charges more for HD converters.

Your TV is fine, Comcast is the problem. In fact if you want to try it you can use your TV with an antenna and get local digital HD programming for free. If you're interested we can walk you through the process of setting up a TV with an antenna. In my location, I get 40 channels, I think 16 are HD.