TVfool Envy??


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Okay, how many of you have experienced "TVfool envy" when you see someone's awesome TVfool results?

Here's my personal favorite, because of all the choices:
(Thanks, Trip, for showing me this gem! And likewise, curse you, because you have cause me to not be satisfied with what I have!)

Cortez, Colorado:
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Take a look at that rabbitears info... go ahead, click all the transmitters to expand them... about 60+ channels if you don't count duplicates and audio only channels. ThisTV, RTV, TUFF, Cspan 1/2, NASA, Pentagon, all the PBS channels, WOW.

Then there's the ones that are SO easy to get reception, you just want to make a smart remark like:

"Shove a Twinkie in your "antenna in" jack of your TV, do a channel scan, and enjoy xx number of free HDTV channels. I hate you!"

I am sure I am not alone here, or am I just delusional in thinking that?


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Our market johnstown/altoona sucks. I bought a used BUD so I can get all the subchannels and feeds. The new antenna tv network looks really good. Friends in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg have This tv and naturally we dont. Its embarrasing.