TVGOS after the Digital Transition

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Got this from: Gizmo Lovers Blog TVGOS

According to Gemstar, more than 25 million households have TVGOS devices. Many, probably most, of these devices obtain their data from a signal embedded in the local analog PBS station’s broadcast.
What will happen to all of these devices when the analog broadcasts cease on (or before) February 11, 2009? Even if you don’t use antenna, if the local PBS station goes all digital, the feed to your cable provider would be from the digital source.
The article was from Dec. 2007, but has TVGOS addressed the issue?? :confused:


I think that's an old article, the Dish Network DTVPal actually uses this TVGOS for it's EPG, so obviously it's being broadcasted over digital waves.



According to RabbitEars.Info that is the case.
The TVGOS data is being transmitted on digital broadcasts. CBS does have a contract to distribute this data, but in some markets PBS stations are still the designated transmit channels.

I work for a PBS station. We transmitted the analog for years and still have the responsibility to transmit, now in digital.

Commercial receivers that decode the digital data and insert it into the vertical interval are available and some cable companies use these to provide the guide to their analog only subscribers. We worked with cable companies in our market to implement this.

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My TVGOS for OTA repopulates overnight. I wish my local CBS affiliate and its translators would send the data several times per day because on occasion, I forget to switch antennas or move my rotor to point at a CBS source.

Hi, I'm new to the Forum. I have a used Sony HD DVR which relies on the TVGOS. I set it up using the powered digital antenna that I've been using for my HDTV with good success in accessing the local HD and SD channels. When I went through the Setup for Channels, it said to leave the DVR OFF overnight to have the channels populated. I did this and no channels.

In reading the above, it appears that the information is being broadcast via CBS affiliates. Must I have the DVR tuned to my local CBS station? I can't manually tune the DVR. It has channels stored from the previous owner who lived out west.

If any of you know of a solution, I would be most appreciative.

Thanks, Mark


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You should be able to program your own channels - find a manual for it online if you don't have one.

As for what channel carries TVGOS in your area, check on RabbitEars.Info for the master list of TVGOS stations.
Thanks to you both for your information. Will attempt to manually tune the DVR to my local CBS station, listed at RabbitEars. As my Dad used to say, "You just have to make the right face..."

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