TVGOS section


With the rapid changes and growth of the OTA currently happening, it would be nice if there was a section for TVGOS. I wonder how many know of it's existence. Questions on who gets it and/or who doesn't. How do you get it and where? It's just a thought. I enjoy the forum.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Always open to new ideas for the forum! Is it still called TVGOS or is it Guide Plus+ Gold now? Don't know a lot about it, I'm scanning the wiki entry right now. ;)

+1 for forum recommendation


I know it's out there, but I haven't actually seen it. From what I find on the internet I think it would be super to have and use. The Macrovision website lists the Dish Network Converter box as one that displays TV listings using the TVGOS information. I contacted the KUTV engineer in Salt Lake City, UT and he said they are upgrading the hardware they use for broadcasting the TVGOS. This is supposed to take effect around 4/7/09? Also when I spoke to the engineer I called it TVGOS and he asked if I was talking about TV Guide one. I wasn't convinced that he knew what the proper name was either. I guess that's why I think it would be a great section in the DTVUSA forum. We might get some good informative results.