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Has anyone ever heard of TV Max? I have to get it installed in my apartment. I have no choice, I guess they signed some sort of contract, but NO other service provider recognizes my home.



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TV Max is terrible. The management of my condos did the same thing and TV Max also falsely advertised the fact that they offer HD and DVR. When the guy came to install my HD/DVR package as advertised, he simply told me they didnt offer it. He had no idea what he was doing and it sucks I have no other choice. :(


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I've never heard of TV Max...? Who knew that there were choices than the other big name providers. Even though there hasnt been great things said in this thread about this small no name provider, it;s nice to know there are choices. Does anyone have any sources they trust to seek reviews of cable providers, big or small?


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TVMax is the Worst!!!!

:mad: TVMax is very cheap. It it took them over a year to get HD channels, they still don't have DVR boxes, and they offer horrible customer service.!!!!!:(


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They're cheap but horrible. I think that's why most condo's even select them since, for them, as long as they provide something for the customer then its ok.


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sound like what happen on Chile, the new buildings tie you to have a only cable company or satellite one, now the government did a law or i do not remember if was a law or will start to inspect and sanction to the enterprises or condos management that not accomplish with the consumer law of the free decision.