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I have read the forum and found this wonderful site, but something is behaving wrong.
The video itself starts and buffers and buffers (nearly a minute) than it runs smooth for 30 seconds and the buffering begins new.

Is this right? Or do I have to do something to get the buffering quicker?


I am using a broadband connection. Usually stuff and programs are loaded in seconds. So I wonder why this is not working as fine as anything else.
Do you think, my internet connection is the problem?


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jerseygirl, it could be a number of things. It could be your broadband isn't fast enough,the ISP has a problem, your computer is not set up right to gather the total amount of broadband you are paying to get. You are running another program that is taking all your processor power or your computer isn't fast enough. It can be those and a few other things. We can narrow down what it probably isn't if you are interested in going through some steps to see if we can find the problem.


Ok, I am working with Windows 7 and using the latest Firefox version. There is no other window open than the TV shack one.
No other program running (Windows 7 and Firefox only). No other downloads running.

And I did not touch anything after starting the video. :) My internet is a 16000 (the quickest stuff available here).


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Suggestion -- check their help and see if there is some little program you need.
Also, try it on IE. Now I hate IE, but I noticed that something that worked for an hour on Firefox and then stopped and wouldn't work again, worked just fine on IE. Can't hurt to check.


IE does not make it better.

I have checked their help before and there is no program needed to watch.

Could it be possible that the location of my computer is important?


Okay, I have done it- got this as a result:

package sent= 4, received= 4, lost =0 (0% loss)

If I do understand it right, I am not blocked by Or am I wrong?

Tried it with TVshack and got the same results.
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