TW App Audio is off for Fox News - TWC TV and Apps

So I rent the card and run it in an HDHomerun box. All channels seem to work good, except Fox News, after about 30 seconds the audio sync is off. The longer I watch it, the worse it gets. I can go into settings and return and it syncs the audio back up, but for only like 30 seconds. I watch other channels with no problem. If I exit out of the app and go back it, audio will be sync'd correctly but only last about a minute and it continues to get worse, after a few hours the audio is off like 10 minutes.

This is on a Samsung UN65JU7100FXZA, 65" 4K TV, their software is up to date and also the app is up to date with them.

Any ideas? Or are you just being pissy with Fox News?

This question is about "TW App Audio is off for Fox News", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.