TWC app now Spectrum - but still not on Fire TV Stick - TWC TV and Apps

I was on chat the other day with another problem with my internet speed. I guess it depends on who you chat with to determine how to fix the problem. Either unplug and reboot the modem or remove router and tie directly into the modem via RJ45. Anyway, since it's usually useless to do either and you just wait for the speed to automatically go from 14mbps to the paid for 30mbps, I decided to ask when the TWC app will be on the Fire TV Stick. I was told January 31st. The name did change to Spectrum but it is not on the Fire TV Stick. I do have a Roku 3600R stick so I can get the app that way but can't get it on the Fire TV Stick. I think I've seen requests for this that are over 2 years old. Does TWC/Spectrum ever respond to these questions? TWC Chat doesn't know and Amazon chat doesn't know. Is there anyone who knows? Just let us know if the answer is "No, it will never be on the Fire TV Stick because it's a money thing". If anyone has the answer, please let me know.

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