TWC Customer Service Issue - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "TWC Customer Service Issue", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I was with TWC originally then they merged to Spectrum. I only have internet at approx. $64 a month for 10Mbps. I had upgraded from 5 or 6Mbps, a few years back (after the merge, so meaning they were already Spectrum at the time of that request). I asked for my options and 10Mbps was the only thing offered, as the next step up.

Today i learned Spectrum, offers (and according to your rep), has offered for awhile, for approx. $70 month for 100Mbps.

I expressed how i felt robbed, as i have spoken to someone before and would like the issue to be addressed and rectified and received no actions from a rep, other than call this department or this one.

Does anyone work in customer service and able to basically switch my internet speed since its what i pay for and so does everyone else!!!!

I just spoke to like 5 differ people that keep transfering me!!! this is very upsetting!

TWC Customer Service Issue?
It definitely sounds like you're being ripped off and should have that rectified. That being said, while I understand you're just venting and think that's fine, you should do it somewhere other than the Q&A section.