TWC Ends Free Modem Policy


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Time Warner Cable, the big broadband and cable provider, is planning to start charging customers a monthly fee of $3.95 for renting a cable modem from the company. It said in notifications mailed to customers this week that the new fee would go into effect over the next two months.
The company said the new fee was necessary to make up for the cost of distributing and replacing cable modems over time...

Though most Time Warner Cable customers have not had to pay to rent modems in the past, these types of leasing fees are a common practice among Internet providers. Comcast, another broadband provider, charges a modem rental fee of $7 a month.
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Well, what took them so long? I'm sure the "free modem" policy was a ploy to encourage people to sign up for the service. Kind of like "same price for cash or credit." Now, it's effectively a way for TWC to raise prices by reducing service.


Lol I had a lighting strike hit near us, it took out my modem hook to TWC and my router. I owned the old modem, I suspect TWC will start charging for the replacement modem, although I got nothing in the mail yet. Funny TWC took a hit, but my TV hook to an antenna was fine, although I did have the Balun on my DB8 antenna go bad, prior to that and it took me awhile to identify the problem. Landed up replacing the DB8, but not due to lighting.