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I was doing just fine with the TWCTV app on my iPhone until late on the evening of 11/12/16. I recently upgraded my iPhone to IOS 10.1.1, and while I use to get the Teen Nick channel, which in my area of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Digital Cable, it's channel 263, while I'm still getting the channel just fine on my set top box on my television, when scrolling through the channels on the Live tab of the TWCTV app, channel 263 is not showing up. It goes from channel 262, which is the Nicktoons channel, over to channel 264, which is Cartoon Network, skipping entirely over Teen Nick, abbreviated TNCK, which is channel 263. I've tried the following trouble shooting steps to resolve the issue, as I saw that Teen Nick still showed up on the Guide Tab, but none of my troubleshooting techniques worked.
1. I closed and reopened the app on the iPhone several times.
2. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
3. In the Guide Tab, I tried adding channel 263, TNCK as a favorite, but when accessing my favorites from the Live tab, TWCTV claims that I have no channels added, which proves that it didn't add channel 263 as a favorite on the list.
4. While in the Guide tab, when going to the channel controls settings after clicking on the channel name, I saw two options, Watch on TV, which was pointless to click on, as my TV was already tuned into TNCK at this point, and so I clicked on the Watch Here button. Upon clicking on the Watch Here button, my phone went into Landscape mode, and while it tuned in a channel, it was not the TNCK channel 263, because what was streaming from my phone was entirely different from what was coming from the TV, which was successfully tuned into TNCK channel 263 at the same time.
5. I went under Settings on the TWCTV app, and while this probably wouldn't make a lick of difference, I cleared my On Demand History, which cleared successfully. Though while that was successful, I still can't get to channel 263 from the Live tab on the app.

So finally, I did the only thing I could do, called Time Warner Cable's automated phone system, claimed I was having a technical problem with my TV, claiming I was missing channels, and the automated robot sent the reset signal to my cable box. Later, I plan to close and reopen the TWCTV app and see if the issue has been resolved, and come daylight hours, if nobody has responded to my posting here, and or, I'm still experiencing this issue, as this is the channel I watch the most, so would really like to have it in both places, especially since it was working just fine in both places before the evening of 11/12/16, I'll be calling Time Warner Cable and asking to speak with a Technical Support Representative, in hopes to get my issue fixed, once and for all.

However, if there's any troubleshooting steps I left out trying here, I'd love it if somebody would please respond here and let me know what else I can try, because it's in my opinion, absolutely ridiculous that all of the sudden, out of the clear blue sky, the channel I watch the most on my TV, to go missing on the TWCTV app like this.

Thank you so very much for your help and support with this issue, and have a nice day.


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It's back

As of this morning it's back on the TWC TV app and website. And not only is it back - it's now the HD feed!
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