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Seems to be many out there having issues with this app. Let me join that club. I have (3) Samsung Smart TV's around my home. (2) are on cable boxes and (1) is wired to cable without a box. As TWC has been removing channels I have been trying the TV App on the boxless TV without good results. All (3) TV's are connected by WiFi to a TWC Arris router. Did some tests as follow:
1) All (3) TV's run the Netflix app without any issues. The buffer is filled quickly and runs 100% perfect on all (3) TV's. As a test I started watching movies on one TV and and moved around on the TV's to finish it. No streamimg issues at all on any of the (3) sets.
2) The TWC TV App is not compatible with my 60" set but loads and runs on the 40" and 32". Here's the odd part. Most channels have buffering and sound/picture sync issues as soon as the channel loads but a few do not. The Fox Business channel is one of the very few that seems to run good without streaming or sound/picture sync issues even after several hours. Change to another channel and the picture or sound sync is crap.
Sooooo, what's causing the problem? Not my WiFi. Not my TV's. It's the TWC TV App itself based on my finding. So need to fix it.

Now that we have entered 2017 the name TWC will disappear and Spectrum will take the stage. Each day we all get our fill of commercials keeping us advised on how good our cable provider is. They advise how good this TV App is but many out there have a much different view. Maybe the App works on your phone or tablet but not well on TV's . Is this planned so we give up and forced rent additional boxes? Hope not! Never want to give the customer a reason to look for a new provider.

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I agree the TWC app on the Samsung Smart TV is complete S***. I have been having issues since October of 16, the Audio and video are constantly out of sync for all local stations. All I get is the run-around when I call to report the issue, and for the first time tonight they answered as Spectrum, well guess what the service tonight was worse than ever and the run around even better, downright comical if I wouldn't be paying for a TV service that I can't even use. the worst part is that there are no other service providers for my address, so I am screwed because as I was reminded tonight, if I drop any service the remaining (internet) will cost me more!!!!!!!!1