TWC TV not working on computer - TWC TV and Apps

I'm unable to view TWC TV on any device except my DVR. This started sometime last week. It tries for 60 seconds, says "something went wrong" and asks me to hit the reload button. This doesn't end up fixing anything. I see the same thing on a tablet connected to my WiFi and a Linux Mint VM I play around with on this machine.

The closest I can get to it working is to connect via VPN, but when I do that it says that not all of the channels are available. VPN doesn't work at all on the tablet, your service says it doesn't allow VPN connections to TWC.

It may be related but I am also unable to access via a non-VPN connection, either. I was unable to sign in to the forum because of this, had to switch to VPN, then it took.

This question is about "TWC TV not working on computer", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.