Twitter API login?

Recently when i visit some blogs (like Jake's DTV Blog) or other sites, i get this annoying pop-up that asks me for a username and password. the title bar says 'Twitter API login' but the site has absolutely nothing to do with TWITTER!!!

I usually hit cancel, and nothing really bad happens. the site functions as normal, but again it will pop-up, maybe 5, maybe 10 minutes later while i'm reading a site. is anyone else getting this? is it a virus?
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It's reproduceable here at my end if i view this site. it has no relation to twitter whatsoever and has no relation to their domain. and it's only one site plagued by it. other sites do it occasionally, i lost count on which ones other than that one (has constant updates on Evansville stations i view and their status)

it doesn't hurt the site function and doesn't matter, it's just odd that i'm just now getting it. almost like someone wants my username/password and googling only brings up twitter-specific cases. this site has nothing to do with twitter and has not done it in the past. i can hit cancel and the site is fine. no redirect to 403 Forbidden or anything so it's not like the site requires authentication.
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I've seen this before a few months back, can't remember where though. It's definitely a bug with their website. Quite annoying since it doesn't stop.