Twitter - Do you use it?


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I keep hearing about Twitter! Does anybody else use it? It took me forever to warm up to myspace, and now I'm a facebook addict (only because most of my high school friends are on there), but Twitter seems to be in all of the media outlets lately. Is it better than facebook?
Twitter to me is just a service for online SMS type messages or describing how the user feels:

'DTVuser2009 wishes the DTV transition was over already!'

seems to serve no logical purpose. I can do that anywhere. on a news site, comments page, my signature....

too many punks on myspace; the only social site i am a member of is Flickr. the average person there is kind, and mature. no slang or profanity either unless you're being an idiot or insult someone, which is hard to do.
I have a twitter account now, i go by 'ilovedeer' but i did it only for the heck of seeing what it does. it does very little. you type what you're doing and wait for 'followers', or as i like to call them, Sheep.

As far as it goes, if you have tons of friends who do use it, it's like free online text messaging. nothing more.