TWO 8 bay Antennas in Parallel.


I swapped the balun wires and got both antenna wired in phase. With the balun connected the correct way the signal strength meter says 30%. With left and right bay connected to a T splitter hooked up backwards as a combiner the field strength meter says 60% for each antenna. Just for an experement I connected both antennas in parallel with a T splitter and the signal on channel 5 = 692 MHz came up from 35% to 65%. Now I can watch channel 5 on the HDTV in the living room and both antennas are upstairs not on the roof. I am also receiving channel 7 and channel 6 for a total of 46 channels. WOW this is great.

I dissconnected the 2 antennas and connected 1 antenna to the TV in the living room and the other antenna is connected to the TV in the bedroom and the TV upstairs.

One antenna is using the Antenna Craft preamp and it is connected to the TV in the living room. I can not tell any difference in the TV reception with or without the preamp. All 35 channels are coming in great only channel 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 will not come in signal is 35%.

I have the other antenna connected to the CM7777 preamp and it is connected to 2 TVs. An again there seems to be absolutely no difference in TV receipton with or without the preamp. All 38 channels are coming in great. If I want to watch channel 5 I will have to watch it upstairs on in the bedroom because this HDTV in the living room won't pick it up.

I also discovered if the antenna are tipped back a little so the antenna is aimed up towards the sky about 3 or 4 degrees the signal comes in 5% stronger on the field strength meter.

At the moment the antennas will both remain upstairs. This is thrunder storm season and I don't have anything built for lightning protection for the antennas if I put them on the roof. I will work on that soon.

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