two expired coupons


my coupons got lost and were recently recovered in my four year olds room and i need to know if they can be replaced the numbers of them is as follows 5897320039376395, 5897320039376352 expired on6/27/08. please tell me its not to late or that i am out of luck. thank you for your time.
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Hello lostit,
Unfortunately at this time, the government is not reissuing dtv coupons. You can refer to this thread here: for direct contact information for the NTIA (Government orginization in charge of the coupon program).

Let us know if you have any other questions,


PS We will be watching the news feeds for any information about Congress changing the application rules for expired coupon holders and posting it to this forum.
i tried to redeem coupons on last day,but every store i went to,were out of stock. on the last store i went, i had traveled and excessive range of miles which totaled about 29 miles, and i was 10 minutes to late. how can i get these coupons replaced? my email is { deleted by admin } my name is joe.
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