Two RCA ANT751R Antennas Mounted Like This?

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The pair of antennas are aimed at two different 'antenna farms' and as long as they have their own coaxial cables and an 'A-B' antenna selector switch is being used, the setup looks pretty good to me. I would prefer about a three foot spacing between the antennas on the mast to keep the antennas fron interacting with each other, but it might not be necessary.

If the antennas are connected together on ONE coaxial cable (as it appears) the odds are pretty good that the setup will not work or it will work poorly. Received signals from antenna 'A' will be divided between the TV set and the other antenna, which will rebroadcast 50% of the signals! The same goes for antenna 'B'.

A second problem presents itself: antenna 'A' may receive channel X just fine on its own, but antenna 'B' might receive an echo of the same signal from a hill, a mountain or even a building and that second signal would arrive at a slightly different time, thus confusing the TV tuner.

Regarding the wall bracket mount, it looks good.

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Yes, it can be done, and for some people it's a better solution than a rotor, even without an "A/B" switch, when there are 2 transmitters more than about 40 degrees apart. There is some loss, as the signal from one antenna is re-radiated out the other one. As Jim said, I would put them about 3 feet apart though.

I have my DB8e set up in a similar manner, and yes, it's a lot weaker than when they are pointed to the same direction.
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