Tyler Perry's New Movie Coming Out on March 14, 2014

Tyler Perry is a great example of a strong individual who stands for what he believes in. Perry has overcome a lot, just as well as setting many accomplishments. He was raised by a strong single black woman, as for his father he had no help in raising Perry. This man was no where to be found. When this inspirational figure became a man, some time during his adulthood he had suffered seven years of being homeless. God had said close in his heart and he had prayed continuously, and one day his prayers where answered. Now , is an actor who produces movies and writes plays. Plays like A Diary of A Mad Black Woman, Aunt Bam, to movies like Why Did I get Marry 1 & 2. According to the commercials he has movie coming out named The Single Mom Club. I appreciate the fact that women are very important to him and he see the struggle that woman go through, people in general. It probably has to do with his experience of being raised by his single mother. She raised him ,but had lots of struggles along the way.