Question: type of antenna?



our directv contract is up in 10 days (but who's counting.. oh wait, I am) and I am looking at ditching it (and cable) all together. I'm interested in getting an antenna, but there are so many different ones out there that I'm not really sure where to start. My tv fool information is below:

TV Fool

I'm thinking I want an antenna that will pull both vhf and uhf channels as it is important to us to get the PBS station on channel 8. It looks like I would want a uni-directional antenna since most of the channels are along the 201 line. I'm wondering if I should be looking at an indoor or outdoor antenna? If we get an outdoor one we should be able to mount it where the current directv dish is and hopefully connect the cabling through what is already up there - although I have not been up there to inspect it. Is it best to buy the antenna online somewhere or would a local store carry what I want.