type of converter box

Jason Fritz

Staff member
You can purchase any brand (RCA, DTVPal, etc.) of digital-to-analog converter box for your TV as long as your TV set has either an RF input (sometimes labled as a "Antenna Input") or RCA (Sometimes labled as VCR Input or Input 1 and are red, white, and yellow in color) type input. All Government DTV coupon elgible converter boxes are sold with both of the above mentioned connections, though, you will only need one of the connections to successfuly watch TV with the converter box.

Some of the older TVs (15 years and older) have a twin screw type 75 OHM connection on the back that require additional adapters to connect the converter box. See this thread for additional information: http://www.dtvusaforum.com/converte...-converter-box-do-i-need-cable-converter.html