U-verse DVR problems - DirecTV

I have been having problems with my DVR for several months now. I strongly suspect that it is a software bug(s) that is in the main U-verse program, not in my DVR receiver.

  • Expected (programed) recordings aren't always recorded.
    • I had programed "Designated Survivor" to be recorded (until space needed). Only two of 8-12 episodes were recorded. My DVR at that time was about 70% free.
  • Recordings get deleted suddenly by themselves. One night while watching recorded episodes, I had 14 episodes to watch. Suddenly I only had 13. Last night as I went to one of my visible recordings and "hit" okay it disappeared and I no longer had any programs to watch.
  • Occasionally recordings are made that are not requested. I have had shows recorded from channels that I have never watched and programs that I have never watched.
  • When a program that is recorded and watched then it is stopped at the end of the program but not at the end of the recording. I get an error message when I attempt to erase it. This error message occurs most of the time but not always. The error message is: "Another TV is watching and this program can not be erased." "Continue" If I go to the main recording menu and scroll down to the program, hit okay to select it, then choose erase from the new menu after I select the program, it allows me to erase it.
  • I used to have a 3rd party RF remote that I used. When I had received a new DVR receiver last summer, I could no longer use it properly. I could stop a recording and then hit okay for erase, when I would hit okay again to confirm erase, it would not take the second command. The same would happen when I attempted to go fast forward or fast rewind. It would go one time but not twice, thrice, or four times. My audiovisual technician found other users of 3rd party remotes had the same issues. His recommendation was to purchase an AT&T RF remote which I did.
Last evening after another technician's visit I received the "can not erase message" and I lost a recording that was visible until I selected it. It just vanished!!!

Attempted Solutions thus far:

  1. The DVR receiver has been replaced twice. I had two of the hpi8005 receivers now I have the hpi8010 receiver. Same problems
  2. I have removed the 3rd party remote from any interference thinking that a stray signal could be causing the issue. (My closest neighbor is over a hundred yards away and has recently moved and the house is vacant).
  3. I have installed and tried a new AT&T RF remote.
Since there is no one else in the house watching any other TV and since the receiver has been replaced several times, and the AT&T RF remote has been replaced, there is no other possible problem that I can determine other than a software bug in the main software. Do you agree? Any suggestions?

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