U-verse Online - App and Website Troubleshooting - DirecTV


Having trouble logging into the U-verse online app? Not able to log into HBOGO or ESPN? Were you able to before? Having trouble accessing it from your mobile device? How about a tablet or phone?

Not to worry!! We have some recommendations that may help!

Smartphone and Devices

  1. Make sure you are using the correct member ID to login. You can find it here
  2. Reset the device.
  3. Delete cache. Varies on phone, browser or device operating system.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the app
  5. Verify you have the latest software on your phone and tablet – click here of a list of devices
  6. Turn off other apps that may be in use
  7. Make sure you have U-verse TV service – if you do not have U-verse TV, you can see if it is available by logging into your account at att.com.
  8. Reset your password – This can help sync up your account. (Not sure if we want to put in that explanation as it may be too detailed.) Avoid using special characters.

The U-verse app requires that you have the latest iOS. If your device is not compatible with the latest iOS, the app will not work. If you do not have U-verse TV service, you will be unable to watch online content.

Computer and Browser

  1. If you are using a browser, make sure you have the latest browser. In some cases using a browser like Chrome or Firefox has improved the experience.
  2. Close out the browser and restart it
  3. Delete Cache and Cookies
  4. Update the browser to the latest version. Click here for a list of Operating Systems and Browsers.

If you are able to login but are having trouble with the quality of the stream, check out this helpful article.

If you have DIRECTV service, you will find troubleshooting information here.


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