U-verse outstanding balance - DirecTV

I have been with Att since 2007 with my wireless . 954 401 7579. I was married and lived at 1118 se Mendoza ave and we had u verse in my wife's name. We got divorced and I stayed in house getting my own U verse. 109724449 account. I was away on a captain job and whilst I was away the ex wife moved back into house and changed locks. I canceled service with you on u verse so I thought but in fact the instruction never reached accounting for some reason and the account remained open and escalating. I was unable to get back from job and also unable to gain access to the equipment to return it to.
The moment I realized that the account was still running I contacted you and stopped the billing, but your company refused to acknowledge I had previously tried to discontinue service. Plus I still was not able to return equipment. Eventually I have been able to gain access to the equipment and I returned it using UPs which is the recognized shipper for Att . When i called to see if equipment had been received and removed from my outstanding account, more than once I was told it takes a while to show against your account be patient.
eventually I call and get upset and they tell me no equipment has been returned against my account because the equipment is now owned by me because of the length of time I have had it.
Now the equipment is now at Att and they miracuracly cannot locate the equipment I sent them using UPS and to add insult to injury and a very painful time, I'm told that Att will not refund me the equipment part of the bill because I own the equipment that Att cannot or will not admit they took delivery of.
So I have a $1000 bill that Att refuse to do anything about. I have not even been able to discuss paying the bill down or not paying because we can't get past this point on the equipment.
i merged my account with my girlfriend. Mercedes Espinosa at the beginning of 2016 for my wireless account. There was a bill outstanding which I have paid and dealt with. I also had my wireless telephone reported stolen 954-401-7579 and that was not the case to which she kept equipment and I had to buy new and change my service to Att to go which is crap.
last month I upped my service from a $45 a month plan to a $60 a month plan and had to lose money on this because I updated in the middle of the month.
Now I have been a loyal customer with ATT since 2007, but due to this sequence of events this can't show you this.
I cannot understand why I am having such a problem with ATT. I am not being treated correctly here and I do not 100% believe this is my fault. I am not a liar or a theif. I have been a loyal customer since 2007 . Yet I'm treated like a customer you do not want.
My intention is to stay with ATT but I need a better contract, a loyalty program, better phone and a better attitude from Att towards me on the telephone. Something on your records at your end gives your customer service personnel the right to be unhelpful. My business is suffering from my current service with ATT plus personally your bill is hurting my credit and I want to resolve this immediately. I need to move away reluctantly from ATT to a service provider who can give me what I need, even if it costs me more if will not help
please advise Urgently..

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