U-verse STBs (Moto/Arris) Don't Auto-Recover after Power Failure -Restoration! - Dire

Uverse STB made by Moto (now Arris) does NOT automatically restart after power fails and is restored. Previously, I was able to recycle power on & off button after a SHORT duration power failure & restoration but not this AM.


  • Power was out for over 12 hours in Santa Clara, CA from 5:40am Wed till it came back on at 5:45am today (Thurs).
  • 1 hour later I turned on STB after verifying RGW was working (had WiFi/Internet access).
  • TV screen: no video signal
  • Recycling power on/off and pressing OK did nothing. Tried that multiple times for over 20 minutes.
  • Then unplugged power cord on back of STB, waited 1 minute and re-plugged it in.
  • TV Screen showed 1 wheel or crank, 5 minutes later 2nd wheel, 5 minutes after that AT&T Uverse logo, 5 minutes after that "Press OK to view Uverse on Demand", exited ON Demand and channel 2 came on. Total elapsed time=25 minutes
  • Also, this troubleshooting guide didn't help yesterday after the 12+ hour power outage/restoral in Santa Clara, CA Troubleshoot your AT&T U-verse TV DVR, Receiver, or Remote

Conclusion: Uverse TV customer shouldn't have to do any of the above once electric power is restored by the local utility. Instead the STB should restart itself, synchronize with RSG and video server with whatever downloads are necessary to restore live TV and ON Demand video service. That didn't happen. Worse is that the POWER and OK buttons on the STB front panel did nothing for this prolonged power outage in Santa Clara. As a result, I strongly suggest AT&T replace ALL Moto/Arris STBs with units that will auto restart and reload on power restoration

For competitor comparison, I had Comcast digital cable TV services concurrently at 2 residences from January 1999-July 2012 and their STBs always auto-recovered after a power failure, ie. when power was restored.
That's not the case with the Moto-Arris STBs for U-verse. They require manual customer recovery and yesterday the Power button on front panel didn't restart the STB. Only disconnecting/reconnecting the power cord in the back of the unit initiated the restart/reload from video server process. Amazing the STB isn't smart enough to do that automatically when it senses power has been restored.

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