U-verse TV STB/Receiver (Moto VIP 2250) Lost Signal & Wouldn't Restart - DirecTV

While watching a live movie yesterday (Saturday Jan 21, 2017) at 10:55pm the video and audio on TV were replaced with a screen "U-Verse TV unavailable" with a button on right "Restart Receiver." When I used remote control to click on that button I got a blue TV screen with "No Video Signal."
Attempted to restart by turning Power button on front panel for 20 seconds. Got "AT&T Uverse" logo screen with a spinning arrow on right side. That lasted 15 minutes with no recovery so I turned off TV and STB/Receiver hoping it would restart in the AM.
It didn't! I got the blue screen "No Video Signal" at 7:12am. Again, I attempted to restart STB/Receiver by pressing & holding Power button on STB front panel for what seemed to be 1 minute before I saw 3 colored lights flashing immediately to right of STB Power button. A few minutes later 1 gear wheel appeared with a horizontal progress bar that advanced very slowly. 8 or 10 minutes later, a 2nd gear wheel appeared with a horizontal progress bar that moved a bit faster- 5 to 8 minutes to complete. Then the blue screen "no video signal."
Via remote control, I turned off/on the TV & STB. Got the blue screen "no video signal" which was shortly replaced with AT&T Uverse logo and spinning arrow. Then another blue screen followed by a screen saying "Press OK to watch Uverse On Demand" which then loaded when I clicked remote on OK.
However, I was then stuck in On Demand cause "Exit to TV" remote button didn't work.
Via remote control, turned off/on the TV & STB and got On Demand again as expected. This time "Exit to TV" button on remote worked and I got the default channel "0002"
That whole process took ~20 minutes-much too long. This black Moto-Arris STB model VIP 2250 should restart and resync itself without requiring any manual intervention, let alone multiple tries with intermediate blue screens of death "no video signal" on the TV.

These instructions need to be updated cause they don't work as stated:

Also see this post which recounts similar STB difficulties when power was restored after a prolonged (12+ hour) power failure in Santa Clara last Wed - Thurs:

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