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This is a question for a business account but can be answered by residential techs.

We just upgraded our TWC 10/1 business service to Spectrum's 25/3, since the old ubee modem (non D3) was not capable of delivering the new speed tier a tech came into the office and swapped the modem with a new DDW36C.

We use a router so we placed the modem in bridge mode by checking the "Advanced->Options->Primary network Bridged" box. Everything is working fine but I saw some comments that tech support has to place the modem in bridge mode, is this true?

The modem has rebooted a few times and the bridge mode remains active, some comments say that if the modem reboots it will switch back to router mode.

So my question do I need to call Spectrum and request the modem to be put in bridge mode?

Current modem configuration is:

Standard Specification Compliant


Hardware Version


Software Version


Cable Modem MAC Address


Cable Modem Serial Number


CM certificate




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