Question: UGGGG, I just purchased a hd tv antenna. HELP

So we just installed it, we have tried 3 different tv's, we can't get the local network channels, only the spanish stations, we live in San Diego. we have tried several times to do a channel scan. same result. only spanish??? WTH.???? what are we doing wrong. My neighbor is getting cbs, nbc, and abc, pba and fox.


UGGGG, I Just Purchased A HD TV Antenna. HELP

Can you please post some additional details? For example, can you post the TV Fool results or at least the ZIP code that you are located in? What antenna did you get? Can you please provide a make and model? What is your length of coaxial cable? Is it RG-6 (I hope) and not RG-59U? Is the antenna mounted inside or outside?


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It's possible that you have purchased the wrong HD Antenna, for your location. But, I'm sure we can help you with just a couple things you need to do, and tell us.

Go to TV Fool
fill out the required information, including scrolling down to the bottom of the page, and entering the installed height of the antenna you have.

Copy the link (in bold type) located above your chart, return here and paste that link into your next post here. Also, tell us what kind of antenna and TV(s) you have (makes models) in that post as well.

Once we have that information, we can tell what's going on.

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Also find a sweet spot close to a window if its an indoor antenna and rescan after you move your antenna.