UHD X1 platform box / ARRIS XG1v4



In another issue my X1 UHD box in my living room constantly is downgrading to 1080p or 720p all by itself after I visit YouTube APP on my smart TV. Everything is updated and I have reset the box and also done the system refresh multiple times. Now if I use the YouTube APP within the X1 box platform the resolution appears to stay in UHD.

But why it downgrades it from the Smart TV's APP is puzzeling. You may ask why I wish to use the Smart TV's YT APP over the Comcast X1 box YT APP? Well because I can fast forward much faster as the X1 remotes fast forward is not very fast. maybe TPTB can update that and I will not feel the need to use my Smart TV YT APP?

"UHD X1 platform box / ARRIS XG1v4," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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