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We recently upgraded our DVR to the latest DirecTV Genie in mid-December 2016 and in order to be able to download content from the DVR. (DirecTV told us that the Genie Go was no longer supported).

For a week in late December the new DirecTV Genie was working and I was able to "download" content to my iphone.

- Over the past few weeks however, the only option I've been able to see is to "stream" the content. The "download" arrows now appear briefly for each of my shows and then disappear.

- Also, when I am away from home and try to access my DVRs, they don't' pull up the latest content.

Suggestions as to how to troubleshoot? Or is everyone experiencing the same thing and there are just problems with the app?

thank you,

This question, "unable to "download" content to DirecTV app from DirecTV Genie," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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